Network Access Control System

Garden Grove USD is allowing teachers and admin staff employees to use their personal laptop/tablet device on the GGUSD network. Please make certain that you have an antivirus installed and up to date. Below you will find the tutorials that will guide you through the setup process of the wireless SSID to your wireless device. We also have instructions available on how to obtain the MAC/Physical address of your wireless device that is required on the form. Please make certain all the information is filled out otherwise, you may encounter some processing delay since the form will be returned if there is any missing information. For further information please consult our frequently asked questions FAQ.

[iPad | Mac OS X | Windows 10]

How to Get Started:

How Does It Work:

System Requirements:

GGUSD Certificate Requirements:

Please install the GGUSD certificate to ensure the best browsing experience. Without the certificate, some websites will show errors, and users will perceive this as the internet is “broken”. 

IT Use Only